core values
We approach our business and trading based on seven core values that we believe are necessary to operate successfully as a business company. These values guide us in all our activities and are the heart of our interactions with all stakeholders.


We strive to take a rational approach to the work processes and sustainable and measurable improvement of our products and services.


We work hard to produce practical results and innovative solutions that create value for our company and for all our stakeholders.


We respect and learn from our employees’ and stakeholders’ ideas and encourage independent thinking to solve problems.


We earn our stakeholders trust by delivering on our promises and providing transparency in our daily operations.


We accept mistakes, encourage good work and strive to be equal and fair with all of our stakeholders.


We communicate openly and honestly with employees and stakeholders in order to maintain trust and build strong long-term relationships.


We strive to be the best at what we do and take pride in our work and continuing success.